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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Ok, so you’ve seen tons of magazines, Youtube videos and advertisements. Your morning routine consists of a 10 minute mascara application and you never leave home without it. You’ve tried some other things like lash tinting but you still don’t have the #lashes you desire. You think you are interested in individual lashes but you are still unclear of how safe it is. The following article will put some lash myths to rest and hopefully ease your comfort level.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that replicate the natural eyelash. Extensions may consist of silk, mink or synthetic fibers. They range in thickness, length, curl pattern and color. Your artist will carefully choose a lash that will match the shape of your natural lash line and also determine if your lashes are thick and healthy enough for the service.

Superior #eyelashextensions that produce gorgeous results require highly trained professionals that use quality products. Applications are completed by an esthetician or a certified #lashartist who is required to meet prerequisites. Before performing your service the artist should thoroughly explain the products they are using and how the lashes will be applied. If they cannot provide this information, my advice-TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! The cost of strand by strand lashes range between $200-$600. This could depend on the area and the experience of the artist. Word of caution “You Get What You Pay For.” Be careful of low cost advertising deals and special promotions that promise beautiful, long lasting lashes for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes deals that are too good to be true probably are. A proper lash application should never be painful during or after the service. Recently there have been reports of unsafe practices in which artist were using adhesive that is not safe for the eye. Cyanoacrylate is the main active ingredient in lash adhesive. If you have a known allergy to this chemical, proceed with caution. This adhesive should never be used on the eye area or for anything else other than its recommended application.

Now that you have chosen an experienced esthetician or lash artist who uses quality products let’s talk about what you should expect. The area around your eye will be well lit allowing the artist to see clearly. Eye pads or tape will be placed on the bottom lashes to separate them from the top. The artist will use one set of tweezers to isolate each individual lash and another set of tweezers to apply the #lashextensions using eyelash adhesive. The industry standard is to apply about 60 lashes on each eye for a natural look, between 60-75 lashes for a fuller look and 75-90 for a dramatic look. Your service may vary in time from 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of extensions selected. The lash adhesive dries extremely quickly so your lashes are set by the time the appointment is over.

Now for maintenance and aftercare. Your artist should encourage you to avoid extreme heat or steam in the area for about 24-48 hours. Steam or heat on a new set of lashes could reactivate the adhesive and cause some slight irritation. Mascara should not be applied to your new lashes. Some ingredients in mascara can loosen the lash adhesive causing them to shed. To maintain your lashes properly it is important to schedule appointments for refills. As your natural lash grows the #extension will shed. It is encouraged to re-lash every 2- 3 weeks depending on your individual growth cycle.

Hopefully I have provided enough information to aid in your eyelash extension decision. Overall extensions are safe and fun to wear. They can give you a different appearance and allow you to spend less time on make-up. So ditch the mascara and stop wasting unnecessary time in the morning. Get lashed, making you look and feel beautiful day or night!

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